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Getting Started

How do I create a Princess Maid Service Account?

Please register at this link to setup a account.

Do you service my area?

If you live within the Boston Metro Area, Middlesex County, North Shore and Metro West Area, absolutely.

What is included in a standard cleaning?

Standard cleaning includes dusting furniture, sills, ledges, woodword, ceiling fans and wall hangings. Dust window blinds, clean dork nobs and light switches. Make beds/change linens. Clean and disinfect bathroom, including fixtures, counter tops and floors. Clean kitchen, including sinks, appliance exteriors, counter tops, items on counter tops, cabinet fronts and table and chair legs.

The following extra services are not included but are available if selected at checkout: Inside the fridge, inside the oven, green cleaning, inside windows, basement, move in/move out, laundry, and inside cabinets.

To protect the safety of our professionals, we cannot perform the following: cleaning that requires climbing on ladders, exterior windows, mold removal, deep stain removal, insect and pest removal, cleaning pet messes, cleaning blinds, and items that require heavy lifting.

How much will it cost?

Our pricing is based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Simply go to our booking page and enter this information and you will find your price.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

We bring all of our own environmentally friendly cleaning products, including vacuums and mops. We do not bring any ammonia or bleach into your home as they can be very toxic, not to mention the havoc they can wreak if spilled on a towel or carpet! We use Libman mop heads on our mop bases. They are microfiber and pick up more dirt and won’t leave puddles of water on the floors. We also use terry cloth and microfiber rags for washing and dusting surface. Everything is washed and sanitized at the end of each day.

Can I request special tasks or extras?

Yes, but please call our office 24 hrs prior to your cleaning day. This will prevent the team from being late for the next client.

Manage Your Account

How do I log into my account?

Here is the link to login to your account.

How do I change my password?

Please login to you account at this link to make changes to your bookings or to schedule new service. If you forget your password please select “I forgot my password” and you will be able to make password changes. You can also contact us here for any assistance.

How do I reset my password?

Please login to you account at this link to make reset your password.

How do I make changes to my account?

Please login to you account  at this link to make changes to your bookings or to schedule new service.

How do I book my first appointment?

Princess Maid Service is one of the leading providers of residential cleaning services in Northern MA . There is no easier way to schedule professional cleaning service. Book Service in 3 easy steps:

1. Select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home (round up bathrooms).

2. Select the available date/time that works best for you.

3. A highly qualified two person team will show up and perform great service for you. Easy as 1-2-3.

Click here to book your first cleaning

Trust & Safety

Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

Absolutely. Our system uses to process your credit card. This way no credit card numbers are ever stored anywhere in the system.

Do your employees go through a background check?

Yes we screen, interview and run background checks on all our employees before they are hired.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

Our guarantee is simple. If you’re unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, just call within 24 hours and we will come back the next business day and re-clean the area or areas in question free of charge. Our guarantee is part of commitment to our customers. We want our customers to be happy with our service and welcome feedback and comments to help us increase customer satisfaction.

Is my key safe?

Your key will never have your name and address on it. All keys are coded and kept in a locked safe when not being used to access your home for cleaning. If your key was ever lost, we have the necessary insurance to cover key replacement and re-keying of your locks.

Manage Existing Booking

What happens if i am not happy with the cleaning?

If you are not happy than we are not happy.  Our goal is 100% happiness, and we will quickly address any issues you may have.

I did not get my requested team?

Please note we make every effort to send the same team, but in situations where we cannot because of sicktime, vacation, etc, we send an alternative team. We will make every effort to contact you if this happens.

Reschedule or Cancel

You can reschedule or cancel your cleaning within 24hrs.  Please login to your account and cancel or select a new date for the cleaning.

Something got damaged or broken ?

Our cleaning professionals promise to conduct themselves professionally in your home. In the event of an accidental damage, contact our office within 48 hours. We cannot guarantee reimbursement for damages reported more than 48 hours after the end of the cleaning appointment.

Team Running Late

If you have booked a cleaning with a time frame and the team has not shown up please contact us ASAP.  We will check with the team to see if there are any issues and call you back right away.