Excellent work done, place is spotless. Very thorough, nice to come home to such a clean house. Highly recommend your services to anyone. Thank you
Work Experience
  1. Are you presently employed?
  2. Which of the following categories of jobs have you had?Please check each job category that you've worked at:
  3. Please list below your last three employers, starting with your present or last place of employment. When responding to Dates Employed use the format mm/yy to mm/yy; (for example, 02/04 - 09/06). Except for Dates Employed, you may enter more information than what the space appears to allow for under each heading.
Other Information
  1. Eligibility Do you have a current valid driver's license?
  2. Can you provide verification of your legal right to work in the USA?
  3. We will obtain your Social Security Number at the time of your personal interview and ask for verification of your legal work status and completion of the I-9 form no later than 3 business days after hire. Additional Comments If there is anything you would like to add, please make your comments in the box below:
  1. In submitting this application, I certify that all of the foregoing information is a complete and accurate statement of the facts and understand that if any misrepresentation, omission or falsification be discovered, it will constitute grounds for dismissal. I understand that if this application results in a subsequent personal interview for employment that I will be asked to furnish certain references concerning my work history. I understand and agree that, if employed, i will be responsible for familiarization myself with all rules and regulations of the company as they presently exist or are later modified and that i will abide by its rules and regulations which i understand are subject to change. I also understand that no representative of the company has any authority to enter into any employment agreement for any specified period of time, or to assure me of any further understand that, if hired, my employment is for no definite period of time and may be terminated by either party at any time .

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